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Electronic Components

Electronic Components

Electronic components are our core competency with over 25 years experience in sourcing of hard to find, allocated , long lead time, and obsolete components and other related peripherals.

    • QDT is a leading stocking distributor and outsource procurement services provider specializing in the supply and material management of board level electronic components and associated products for leading electronics manufacturers worldwide.


    • Market, logistics and quality assurance expertise, combined with our innovative and high service orientation have made us a deeply trusted supply chain partner to the world’s leading contract manufacturers and OEMs.


    • QDT offers a full range of supply chain solutions for global manufacturers addressing component shortages, cost saving opportunities, material inspection and environmental compliance needs as well as excess material mitigation services.


    • In addition, we provide integrated and custom programs for third party procurement management, warehousing and logistics that are designed to reduce material procurement and administrative costs, increase inventory turns, improve cash-to-cash cycle times and eliminate the high costs associated with shortage and excess disruptions in the supply chain.


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