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Quality Has No Finish Line.

Over the years QDT has implemented a detailed QMS (Quality Management System) quality avoidance process. We have developed one of industry's leading inspection standards and a network of qualified vendors as an assurance to insulate our customers from nonconforming and substandard products.

This section contains a comprehensive overview of some of the guidelines we've adopted to insure 100% quality assurance and conformance. The QC procedures we follow for all incoming materials are:

- Labels, markings, fonts
- Lot code consistency
- Bar code verification
- Photos of Packaging Documented and Stored
- Original factory sealed packaging
- Bar code, logo discrepancies & inconsistencies
- PIN Orientation
- Logo authenticity
- MSL verification
- Physical arrangement
- Data repository comparisons
- Device measurements
- Original Manufacturer's markings
- Product contamination
- Chemical permanency
- Co planarity
- Digital microscopic images
- Forensic Analysis (Decap)
- Pin print verification
- Concurrent programming verification
- X-Ray
- Military inspection and conformance
- Functional test
- Up screen to Military specifications.
- Burn in -55C to +125C