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IDE Flash Disk Module

  • Quantum Digital’s solid-state Flash Disk Module with either a standard 44-Pin connector or a standard 40-Pin connector. The module uses the standard IDE signals, common on IDE hard drives.

    The module plugs directly into a standard IDE connector without need for a cable. This eliminates the installation confusion, the cost, and the potential failures commonly associated with interface cables.

    The modules are available in vertical and horizontal plug-in.

    OEM flash disk modules are the product of choice in applications requiring high reliability and high tolerance to shock, vibration, humidity, altitude, and temperature. Because there are no moving parts to service or maintain, flash disk modules are reliable alternatives to mechanical hard disk drives for high availability and mission critical applications.

    While the inherent ruggedness and reliability of solid state storage relative to rotating hard drives is intuitive, new applications for OEM flash disk modules are emerging due to the low cost per usable megabyte. Most applications using embedded operating systems such as VxWorks™, Windows XP/embedded™, and Linux™ don’t have multi-gigabyte data storage requirements, and therefore a cost savings can be realized when using this robust media.

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