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USB Flash Drive

  • Quantum Digital’s Industrial Grade USB Flash Drive (UFD) is more than just portable storage. Tailored for industrial applications that require high reliability and data throughput, it provides non-volatile, industrial grade solid-state storage in a thumb-drive package. In addition, laser-etched manufacturing information allows for lot traceability and complete info on the Bill of Materials.

    The Industrial Grade UFD is available in an ESD rated enclosure (with LED light indicator) for applications that require NEBS Level 3 Quantum Digital’s U2, state-of-the-art, USB 2.0 flash memory controller is incorporated in the Industrial Grade UFD, providing high data integrity and endurance.

    The flash management software that is embedded in the controller emulates a hard disk, enabling read/write operations that are identical to a standard, sector-based hard disk. Sophisticated wear leveling algorithms ensures greater flash endurance, while automatic bad block management and a built-in ECC Engine guarantee the highest data reliability. Based on the BCH error correct algorithm, the ECC engine can correct up to 6-bit errors per 512 bytes.compliancy. The ESD-rated enclosure has been tested for immunity from ESD for 8KV contact and 15KV air.

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