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USB Flash Disk

  • Quantum Digital’s USB Flask Disk Module (UFDM) provides non-volatile, solid-state storage in a compact design, making it perfectly suited for embedded applications. The standard USB 2.0 interface provides designers with a true plug-n-play storage device, allowing for short design cycles and fast time to market.

    Quantum Digital selects the highest reliability Single Level Cell (SLC) Flash for its superior endurance. The flash management software that is embedded in the controller emulates a hard disk, enabling read/write operations that are identical to a standard, sector-based hard disk. Sophisticated wear leveling algorithms guarantee 2,000,000 Write/Erase Cycles, while automatic bad block management and a built-in ECC Engine guarantee the highest data reliability.

    Based on the Reed-Solomon algorithm, the ECC engine can detect up to 5-byte errors and correct up to 4-byte errors per 512 blocks.

    USB Flash Disk Module is available in standard and low profile horizontal type with fixed hole, standard 10 pins 2.54mm pin pitch USB female connector or low profile

    10 pins 2.0mm pin pitch USB female connector, specifically suited for designs that have Z-height constraints. High performance, high reliability and low cost per MByte make the USB Flash Disk Module the product of choice in embedded applications, such as Gaming, POS Workstations, Networking Equipment and Industrial PCs.

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