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Multimedia Cards

  • The Industrial Grades MMCplus is a removable flash card, measuring 24mm x 32mm x 1.4mm.

    Quantum Digital’s Industrial Grade MMCplus cards are specially designed, manufactured and tested to withstand extreme environmental conditions and to improve system reliability and endurance.

    At the heart of each card, there is an advanced microcontroller that performs elaborate Flash management including 5-Bytes on-the-fly Error Detection and 4Bytes Correction (EDC/ECC); bad block management (BBM) and extensive wear leveling.

    Quantum Digital selects the highest reliability Single Level Cell (SLC) Flash for its superior endurance.

    This combination allows achieving 2,000,000 logical program/erase cycles. The MMCplus has no moving parts inside. As such, it is made to withstand extreme shock and vibration. Quantum Digital manufacturing process and test methodology makes the card even more robust. In fact, to assure that the cards shipped meets the rigorous threshold set by the OEM customers, each card is extensively tested at Quantum Digital’s manufacturing facility to guarantee perfect functionality in any conditions. Quantum Digital provides rigorous bill of material control as an additional guarantee for the customer, ensuring long term product stability and availability. The MMCplus can be accessed through 2 interfaces. The card can operate in MMC mode or in SPI mode. While the MMC interface provides high performance with 1 bit, 4 bit, or 8 bit data transfer, the SPI mode allows easy integration in any type of application at lower performance.

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