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ATA Flash Card

  • Quantum Digital’s flash storage complies with industry’s standards and global regulatory compliance. Each device incorporates a proprietary flash controller and SLC Samsung Nand Flash Memory that provides the greatest flexibility to customer – specific applications while supporting key flash management features resulting in the industry’s highest reliability and endurance Key features include:

    Built-in ECC engine detects up to 5-byte and corrects up to 4- byte errors.

    Sophisticated block management and wear leveling algorithms guarantees 4,000,000 write/erase cycles.

    Power-down data protection ensures data integrity and errors in case of power loss Lifecycle management feature allows users to monitor the device’s block management End applications include broadband data, military and aerospace, industrial control systems.

    Quantum Digital’s ATA PC Card is the product of choice in applications requiring high reliability and high tolerance to shock, vibration, humidity, altitude, ESD, and temperature. The rugged industrial design combined with industrial temperature (-40°C to 85°C) testing and adherence to rigid JEDEC JESD22 standards ensures flawless execution in the harshest environments.

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