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Excess Inventory Solutions

QDT INC offers a variety of Excess Electronics Inventory Solutions. Whether it is a list of obsolete parts or just electronic components that you no longer need, we have the solution for you to sell excess inventory. As an electronics distributor we buy and sell everything that has value including new and obsolete semiconductors, integrated circuits, military components, transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, connectors, Switches, relays, CPU's, hard drives, and memory modules.

Lot Buy Excess Inventory :

The lot buy program is designed for companies have limited space or they like to turn the inventory into cash immediately and do not have the time and resources to keep track of the excess inventory. This program usually brings in less revenue since we take the risk of purchasing all your excess which by Experience we know that not everything will sell.

Consignment Excess Inventory :

The consignment program will allow the companies get a greater return on their excess inventory. QDT will bring to material to our warehouse and do a complete and accurate audit and will create a designate A location to the lot. All inventories are managed within QDT INC Operating system. QDT INC will provide all accounting activities such as billing, and distribution of funds. Frequent sales and Inventory reports are provided.
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